2013 Dallas Comic Con by Reese

2013 Dallas Comic Con – DAY ONE Image

This is my friend Taffeta, we dressed up as Inspector Gadget.  I am Penny on the right I am  Inspector Gadget’s neice and Taffeta is Inspector Gadget on the left.  Image

The only bad part about it is that there were a lot of people that really wanted to see Nathan Fillion, but then Nathan Fillion got an eye infection, so he could not come and some people were a little upset.  In this picture is my friend Troy (he is a really funny guy) and made one of his old shirts in to a very very funny shirt.


This is me and my friend Lizzie she is part of the Star Trek group Fleet 31.   ImageThis is Taylor Lymbery from Xenex the Bug Man, me, Taffeta Darling and Jeff from Marvin Dog Media (photobombing of course)


This is Mark Walters from www.bigfanboy.com and the Event Coordinator for Dallas Comic Con.  Mark Walters is a really nice guy and I have always wanted to meet him and got to meet him at this last comic con.  Thank you Mark Walters for putting on such a fun event for everyone!

2013 Comic Con – NIGHT ONE…Star Trek: Into the Darkness with Keith’s Comics


This is me and the Star Trek Fleet – 31 crew at the movies with Keith’s Comics to see Star Trek into the Darkness.

2013 Comic Con – DAY TWO


This is Lizzie helping me get my make up on for the Borg Queen. Image

This is my friend Lhars and Taffeta dressed up at the Hellfire Club from the X-MEN. Image

This is my friend Ben (I don’t know what he is dressed up as but he’s funny) and my friend Lizzie Lynch Image

This is a really cool picture of my friend Cameron and me assimilating him. Image

This is when Leslie first saw me as the Borg Queen. HA! That was a funny moment in Time and Space! ImageThis is Lhars, Cody and Taffeta as the Hellfire Club from X-MEN


This is me and my friend Lizzie smiling, having fun.

BIG NEWS – I MET BRENT SPINER (DATA) from Star Trek Next Generation.


On the day I dressed up as the Borg Queen, I went over to Brent Spiner’s table and he really liked my costume so he pulled me up to the front of the line and took a picture of my costume! Image

Cameron and Lizzie knew some people that took some that take really cool photos and introduced me to them (Ken Pearson) and I got to do my first photo shoot in my costume. I really liked it, and can’t wait to see the pictures when they are finished. ImageImage

This is me and Ken Pearson.  He was talking to me about the photo shoot. I was a little nervous because I have never done a real photo shoot but he made it a lot of fun.  Image

It is always fun to assimilate anything you can find especially Ewoks! Image

This year I won 1st place in the Children’s Costume contest.

I love seeing all the ideas of the costumes that everyone comes up with.  It makes you try really hard and be creative and keeps you thinking about what you want to dress up for next time.  I already have two ideas for Fan Days and can not wait to get started on my costumes. Fan Days is fun because you can pick a character that you really love to dress up as and I’ve picked one of my favorite author’s character from a story. That’s all I am going to say because I am going to keep you in suspense. ImageImage

This is Devin Pike and Leslie Hurst, both my friends. 😉 Devin is the interviewer and host of Dallas Comic Con. Devin is very very funny guy and very very nice. Leslie is just like me, she loves Doctor Who.

2013 Dallas Comic Con – DAY THREE – The Next Generation Q&A

Start watching the video at 27:00 – I get to talk to Brent Spiner about his makeup as Data.  It’s very funny.  After the Q&A, I got to meet him again and get an autograph.  This was such an honor to get to meet and talk to him.


2013 Dallas Comic Con – Day Three


These are my pictures in my regular clothes with my friends Taylor, Ben and Kimmie.  I love seeing and meeting the artist, the actors and my friends. Dallas Comic Con is one of my favorite comic conventions and  I look forward to seeing you all at the next Fan Days.  🙂


DOCTOR WHO Returns To The Angelika by Reese

I am so sorry this is a little late, lots of things have been going on.  These are some of the pictures from the Keith’s Comics:  DOCTOR WHO Returns to the Angelika.  I really like this season because of Clara ”The Impossible girl” ,”Clara Oswin Oswald” ,”The Woman Twice Dead” ,and ”Souffle Girl” She is becoming a very interesting companion because she has something that all the ether companions did not have…..spoilers sweetie…..she was born to save the doctor. ;)


This is me in my Doctor Who costume for the Doctor Who mid season premiere.


This is me and my friend Mr. Nathan.  You might see him at  some of the cons, he is a professional photographer.  So if you see him around, you should smile. ; )


This is my friend Leslie she loves Doctor Who just as much as I do.  This is her in her T.A.R.D.I.S. dress and her Union Jack shoes.


This is me and my friend Devin.  You can see him at all the cons.  Devin is a very fun and funny guy.


This is me looking at Leslie’s cool Sonic Screwdriver.Image

This is my friend Keli, she works at Zeus Comics.  Kelly is an amazing  girl and super nice. She has helped me out a bunch.

My Plans


This Friday, March 22, 2013 I am going to see A Wrinkle in Time play at Dallas Children’s Theater.  A Wrinkle in Time is about a girl and her friends as she goes on an adventure to find her father and fights a monster in a completely different galaxy.  I am very excited to see this because I’ve already read the graphic novel but I haven’t seen the play.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Jersey Mike’s Subs is helping Wipe Out Kids Cancer by donating 100% of their sales.  The Super 6 will be at Jersey Mike’s for dinner next week.  Please help us by liking our Facebook page, eating a sub at Jersey Mike’s or donating to Wipe Out Kids Cancer on our website.


Next Friday, March 30, 2013 Doctor Who at the Angelika.    We are going to be watching Doctor Who and his new companion Clara at Angelika Theater.  Keith’s Comics and Big Fan Boy are going to be putting on this show.   If you have never done this before it is really fun because you get to see a new t.v. show, dress up and win prizes and that is always fun.

I don’t know what I am doing for April but I might go to the North Texas Comic Book Show but don’t know yet.


In May I am going to Dallas Comic Con, I have a surprised costume that I am very excited about.  I will give you a hint, I am very happy the Star Trek people are going to be there.

I am excited that Nathan Fillion is going to be there, I am a big fan of his and I love Firefly and Serenity. I am going to go to almost all the panels because all the people I love will be speaking at the panels.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends that are artist and talking about drawing tips.  I am excited about all the new costumes that I am going to see and getting make up tips from my friend Lizzie.

I can’t wait, I am looking forward to all these fun activities.


Reese’s review of ALL-CON Dallas, Texas

This weekend I went to ALL-CON and had an amazing time. On Friday, we (me and my mom) got to ALL-CON right after school and picked up our badges.  First person I ran into was Del Pullen from the deLOL show.

72360_10151334441908479_286931866_n copy

I gave him a hug and told him it was so good to see him here.   He was wearing a very cool TARDIS robe that he wore all weekend, which was cool because we got pictures together in my Weeping Angel costume on Saturday.  We went to see Taffeta Darling at her table.   Taffeta had “Hand Made Stuffs” – she had comic book magnets, Star Wars pillows and pictures of her in different costumes.  I really liked all her  stuff  and got a R2-D2 & C-3PO Pillow (they are best friends – you can not separate them), and a picture of Taffeta that Jon Hughes drew .  Then we went to go see the Demons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer panel with Camden Toy.   Camden talked about how he got into special effects make up and how he got involved with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   I thought it was very interesting and very educational.  After his panel, I got to interview him (see below).  Camden Toy was so nice to me and gave me a recommendation on a book to read – Dick Smith’s Do It Yourself Monster Make Up Handbook.   After that we went to see Lizzie Lynch’s make up panel.  I got front row seats and learned how to apply mustaches, prosthetics, eyelashes, and how to use liquid latex to make someone look old.   I loved how you could learn all the different ways to apply make up on someone.  I got to see Matt there too and he told me about all of his comic panels that he had that morning and was going to have during the weekend.  I wish I could have seen more of his comic book panels but they were at the same time as the other special effects make up panels or when I was at school.  Finally, I had to get home to get ready because I still had to finish my Weeping Angel costume.

542734_10151332701658479_1928210709_n copy

Saturday morning, we picked up Lizzie and took her to breakfast.  Then we went back to ALL-CON and went to Lizzie’s room to put on my make up for my Weeping Angel costume.  First she did a base coat of grey on my face, hands, and feet.  Then she put white dots, big and small on me to make me look like a statue.   Then she put black on me to thin out my nose, cheeks, and muscles in my neck to make it look like shadows.  It made me look SCARY but it was so cool!!! Next time I want to do fangs coming from my mouth.  Then we went downstairs and looked around ALL-CON, I took pictures with the Doctor Who group and separate pictures with more angels and the Silence.  I went to the Star Trek make-up panel that Lizzie was hosting.  It was cool because she went over all the different kinds of aliens on Star Trek and how to do their make up.  After that I went upstairs to meet with the Almost Nerdy guys.   It was fun and funny because I was creeping them out with my Weeping Angel stare.  Before I knew it was time to get ready for the Costume Contest.   I ran into a whole bunch of friends that I knew from Sci-Fi EXPO and Fan Days.  Scotty and Courtney were there doing General Grievous and his guard, Payton as Princess Amidala, Taffeta as Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors and Lhars as Mystique from the X-Men comic book.  I got to meet Kimmie, Jessie and Megan, they were dressed up as Anime characters but I don’t remember which ones.  I met Kimmie at Sci-Fi EXPO when she was dressed up as Katniss Everdeen but I did not know her know her name.   Then 30 minutes later, we went into the hall and got called up on stage so the judges could see our costumes.  Then Nether Noir took our pictures  in our costumes and we were sent back to the room while the judges counted the scores.  A couple of minutes later after everyone was done with getting their pictures, we got called one by one to see who got 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.   In the kid’s category a girl dressed up as  Twi’lek Jedi  won 3rd, A little doctor with a TARDIS won second place, then I won 1st for the Weeping Angel.  The Costume contest was really cool because you got to see costumes that you’ve never seen before.   I loved all the costumes and got some really good ideas for next year.   Then it was late and had to go home to finish my Pixie costume.

601243_10151332708023479_1105762184_n copy

Sunday was Superhero Sunday! I had my Pixie costume on and got to take lots of pictures with Neither Noir.   The photographer was really nice and took really good pictures.

554959_10151334442618479_1043752505_n copy

Saturday I spent the whole day being scary, it was fun to be a superhero on Sunday.  I ran into Del Pullen again and we talked about the deLOL show and he let me interview him.  He showed me how to do interviews with people and how to work the camera and sound if I wanted to do a podcast on my blog in the future.  He’s a cool guy.

486434_10151334464588479_1787470007_n-1 copy

Got to talk to Camden Toy again about Buffy and Gnarl’s fighting scene, and what it was like to play like he was eating skin – he said he almost gagged.  That’s funny now but I bet it wasn’t then.

862506_10151335495663479_117968372_n copy

Finally, it was time for the Superhero Sunday costume contest.  We got into the room and it smelled AWFUL.  I learned two new things this weekend: Con Funk and Con Crud.  Con Funk is this really really stinky smell.  It smells like three things: Onions, Sweat and the absence of air.  If you take in too much Con Funk you will get Con Crud.  Con Crud, a very bad stomach ache.  Don’t try to avoid it, because it’s not possible.  The good news on the Superhero Costume Contest is that there were no other kids there, but I still got to show my costume to the judges but I think my super powers were effected by the Con Funk. 🙂

This weekend was so much fun, I hope that we can do it again next year.   Everyone was so nice and I learned a lot of new things this weekend.  ALL-CON is different than the other conventions because it’s more learning about how to do things that interest you.

My Interview with Camden Toy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Today I was at All-Con and I met the most amazing person, Camden Toy.   For all you Buffy fans, Camden Toy played some of the coolest demons on Buffy and Angel.  My favorite character from Buffy he played was Gnarl.   He autographed a picture of Gnarl for me! ❤


Enjoy the interview!

All-New X-Men #1 – review by Reese

Writer:     Brian Michael Bendis

Artist:      Stuart Immonen

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis

                Stuart Immonen

Publisher:   Marvel Comics

 Schedule:  Biweekly

Format:       Ongoing Series

Genre:         Superhero

Publication date:         November 2012

Charaters:    Hank McCoy – Beast (past/present)

                     Storm (present)

                     Emma Frost – White Queen (present)

                     Scott Summer – Cyclop (past/present)

                     Erik Lehnsherr – Magneto (past/present)

                      Kitty Pryde – Shadowcat (present)

                      Jean Grey – Phoenix (past/present)

                      Bobby Drake – Iceman (past/present)

                      Magik (present) 


I just picked this comic up today and I am a little behind in the series but I am going to catch up on Spring Break.

On my gosh, I love The All New X-Men – they left you in such suspense!!

Basically, what has happened is the present day X-Men have traveled to the past to save mutant history.  The story goes back and forth from Present to Past and shows you all the characters then and now.  I think the writer is setting up and introducing new mutants but it kinda confused me a little on who these mutants are because I do not know all the new X-Men yet.  The present day X-Men (The Beast) travels to the to warn Cyclops (from the past) not to start Mutant Genocide.

This comic is very good.  The illustrations are awesome on how they show the past X-Men and the present X-Men in different uniforms and regular clothes from their time period.   I like how all the people are in bright colors, and the back ground are in dark colors. When I was reading this comic the darkness made it seem very mysterious.  The story is very entertaining and the way the X-Men talk to each other is very funny.  I would recommend this comic for a very mature 8 year old and up, but you need to know your X-Men or want to get to know the X-Men.2707852-allnewxmencombinedx_02

Very exciting weekend coming up!

This weekend I am getting ready for All-Con.  My costumes are Pixie from the X-Men and the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.  I have gone as a Weeping Angel before at Fan Days and Doctor Who’s first episode of the season watching party.  I really liked it and it is fun to be a scary character.  When I was making my Pixie costume, I wanted to see how the wig fit and it fit fine but it was really really itchy.  My costume is great so far.  I really like that I am going to have my real hair pink, and have really big glittery wings and be a girl superhero.     I have never gone to All-Con before and I am a little nervous but I am excited I get to see all the amazing costumes and my friends.  So excited, I will let you know more this week.

On Friday, I got the new Courtney Crumrin #10.  I am going to read it and review it for you this week too!

Got to go to bed but will update my blog soon.  Thank you for stopping by. Image